- Исторический интернет- проект о Третьем Рейхе и национал-социализме в Германии в 1933-1945 годах.
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24.02.2020 г.

Свободное время

(Перевод статьи осуществляется в данное время) Back in those days, children and teenagers had to help more around the house to make life easier on their mothers who did all the chores in the home. Just carrying up firewood or coals for the kitchen stove and oven from a basement that often was four or five stories down, cost a lot of time and strength. Floors had to be scrubbed, waxed, and buffed. Vacuums had been in existence since the early 1930s, but many households did not own one. We had rugs, and to clean them they had to be carried down into the yard, thrown over the carpet rack, and then beaten and brushed. Hardly anyone these days knows what Geolin is, but each Sunday we had to use it to shine door handles, signs, and any other brass fixtures in our home. Once we had finished our many chores at home we would go down into the street to play. In those days, children could still play in the street without being in danger. Only the heavy traffic areas on shopping streets or in the town center were off limits to us because there, work cars and trucks (private people usually did not own cars), horse carriages, and trolleys drove by. But we had a quiet little street in which we played hide and go seek, ball games, and jump rope. On Wednesday afternoon, older children had to attend their Hitler Youth meetings. Once a week we also had youth group meetings at our local church. During summer we often went to go swimming in the Rhine or Neckar rivers, and on the very few winter days that we had snow we went sledding on any hills in our mainly flat region. We usually stayed out fairly light at night then. It was so beautiful to sled in the light of gas lamps where it was quiet, and many children weren't allowed to stay out as late as us. We also rode bikes, scooters, and had roller skates. The skates were very simple, made from iron, and strapped onto our regular street shoes. They made a lot of noise even though we kept them well-oiled. In winter we'd also go ice skating.